Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vanilla Macaroons

While I was abroad this past fall, I had the opportunity to travel to Paris with a couple of friends and of course made a trip to Laduree, an AMAZING macaroon shop. I had never had the pleasure of having a macaroon before and I fell in love. They were soo good and light and I could have eaten a million of them!
So these are obviously more expert and pretty than mine could everr be, but I had to try! Macaroons are notoriously hard to make (I only messed up and had to start over once!), but it worked! You have to let your egg whites sit out for over 24 hours (which made my screw up all that much more frustrating) and be super careful with your ingredients or the shells do not turn out right.
then you have to pipe them onto your parchment paper and wait for the outside to dry...
then bake them.. these are not as white as they should be because I left them in the oven for about 30 seconds too long..
then I piped in the buttercream after matching up the same size shells, but after all that work..
I had homemade vanilla macaroons :] I was really proud of these little babies and definitely want to try them again but maybe with a fruit flavor!

recipe: cakejournal

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