Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Caramel Brownies

Disclaimer: my goal for this blog is to take better pictures!
So my baking frenzy sort of began when I went home for memorial weekend to visit my parents and attempted to make everything possible in the 48 hour stretch that I could. It all started with the caramel brownies that my dad picked out of my list of recipes to try. With my mom as my sous chef, we sort of cheated and used a Ghirardelli's boxed triple fudge brownie mix (hehe). Skipping that part of the recipe, I decided to make my own caramel and chocolate ganache toppings. Who knew making caramel was so easy?

After spreading my freshly made caramel on the brownies,
and then added the melted chocolate ganache,

it made for some pretty good brownies :] I think my dad was happy with this recipe!

Sorry for all the flash pictures :[

recipe: unegaminedanslauisine

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