Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Since life has gotten crazy and overwhelming lately, I haven't had a lot of time to bake! But, today I decided I was going to set time aside and actually make this recipe I had been wanting to use for a while.
chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes! They start with a chocolate chip cake, and ends up getting a cookie dough filling and a cookie dough frosting. Spoiler alert: it is
EXTREMELY sweet. I fortunately had some company in the kitchen! Chelsea and Coco came over for the baking party and it was so fun!

Once we (im)patiently waited for the cupcakes to cool, we kind of shoved cookie dough into the middle..
and then frosted them! We each ate one and felt a bit sugar overloaded (even with the salt mishap..). So beware to anyone that eats one!
But they did turn out pretty!

recipe: bakeat350

Chocolate Oreo Chunk Cookies

Being in a sorority isn't a lot of work until you get to rush. My chapter and I spent long hours preparing the house and getting ready for the most important week all year. One of my best friends, Coco (who will soon be making manyyy more appearances!) decided to make everyone treats during one of our long nights! We made these oreo chunk cookies (which made us a bit late, sorry Pillar night committee) for everyone to enjoy!

 You can see the oreo chunks in the batter!
Unfortunately, they were gone pretty fast so this is the best picture I've got. I have learned through this blog that the faster something is gone, probably the better it tastes? Or that's what I'm going to tell myself.

recipe: howsweeteats

Thank you to KSaff!

For my birthday, one of my good friends Katie gave me some yummy cookie mix and frosting!

This is Brianne, me and Katie during Fiesta for my birthday!

When she was finally back in SB for the year, I whipped them up so that we could share them together! Everyone loves funfetti cupcakes, but who knew they came in cookie form tooo??

I brought her a plate of them, and when I came home the rest were gone! Yummyyy??

Thank you to Katie and everyone else who gave me amazing things! I'm the most stylish baker now :]

Homemade pizookie and ice cream!

While I was home, I decided to make my dad the amazing vanilla pudding chocolate chip cookies that I have been in love with! My mom also made homemade vanilla ice cream for my neighbor block party and it just was perfect to make a pizookie with! It was also perfect because when I had been at Trader Joe's the other day, I spotted this AMAZING grinder filled with coffee beans, sugar, and chocolate (can it get any better??) that my favorite food blog had posted about.
So naturally, I started putting it on everything I ate.. and it worked perfectly on the ice cream!
and the cookie was still hot so the ice cream started to melt... not that that is a bad thing..

cookies: onedashdelplaya

Pancake French Toast

I went home for a weekend to return my car (RIP Diego in IV..) and decided to make a couple things with my parents! One thing that I have been wanting to make was this pancake crusted french toast. What? Yea, it was good. Instead of just regular french toast dip, we added in a bunch of pancake making ingredients..
and fried it up :]

To be honest, this wasn't my favorite venture. My mom and I were a bit disappointing it didn't taste more like pancakes. It was more work than regular french toast and not much difference. But it was delicious!

recipe: tastykitchen