Sunday, October 23, 2011


Halloween spirit is officially here! With my house all decorated..

 it was of course time to bake some Halloween treats to give away to friends!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

Whenever we're bored.. the first question is always "What should we make?" Then, we decide who has the ingredients needed and we get to work! So, clearly, the other day we were quite bored and decided to make these cinnamon roll cupcakes. They were really fun to make and had a glaze and a frosting! We made the batter and then you alternate putting a dollop of batter and covering it with the cinnamon/ butter/ sugar mixture and swirling together!
you can see the whole process in this picture...

then we baked them.. and they came out all crackly and delicious with baked sugar (which is always great). It was hard not to eat them while they cooled..

and when they were finally cool enough we put a coffee glaze on top..

and finally finished them off with a cream cheese frosting!

It really did taste like a cinnamon roll, they were so good! We topped half with the coffee/ sugar/ chocolate grinder (which I really feel like would go with about anything), and half with cinnamon. Yum! (obviously, these were gone by the morning)

(obligatory balcony picture)

recipe: bakingdom

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake Squares

Attempting to continue with the Halloween/ fall theme, Coco found this recipe for pumpkin cheesecake squares! After a day at the library, we decided to quickly put these together. Quick was an overestimation of our organizational skills because we soon learned we didn't have half the ingredients. After a quick trip to the Isla Vista Market for some overpriced pumpkin filling and sour cream, we finally put it all together!

After dropping pieces of the pumpkin fixture on top of the nilla wafer crust topped with the cheesecake batter, we got to swirl it around in whatever fashion we wanted!

And then we baked it and had to wait way too long for it to cool in the refridgerator...

4 hours later... we finally got to eat them!

recipe: jessicaburns

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mini Pancake Muffins!

When I finally decide to buy random baking ingredients that I don't already have lying around, I really feel like I need to use every last drop. Having buttermilk sitting in my fridge was becoming bothersome, so I found a recipe that looked good and made it!
Coco and I decided to make these little chocolate chip pancake muffins for breakfast :]
They were so small and had puffy little tops and fit perfectly in this bowl
So we had this cute little bowl o' muffins! But then we dipped them straight into maple syrup so they had a glaze on top...
So they were warm, straight out of the oven, and dripping in maple syrup. Great breakfast, huh?
They were so mini that we decided that you didn't even need to have a glass of milk, but something smaller...

like a shot?

So I had a morning shot of milk and a muffin!
Great start to the day :]

recipe: bakerella

Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween! Rice crispy treats!

So Isla Vista's favorite holiday is fast approaching, so we decided to make a Halloween themed post to start the festivities! Coco came up with the idea for these rice crispy treats filled with cinnamon cereal, wafer cookies, and candy corn! We chopped everything up,
(ignore the menacing butcher knives..)
while we seperately melted all of the marshmallows together...
and then mushed it all together!!
We put it into the pan when it was all done and had to wait for it to cool before we could cut them up!
It was kind of difficult to wait when it looked this good...

Once we had waited long enough, we used some Halloween cookie cutters and made them into fun shapes!
In case you can't tell.. thats a pumpkin on the left, then going clockwise, its a ghost, cat, and a bat!
We melted white chocolate and milk chocolate and used dye to make them all into fun colors!
(I of course made one ginger cat instead of all black cats!)
The chocolate was just frosted on the top, so you can still see how pretty the actual crispy still is!
They turned out so cute!

Caramel Mocha Cupcakes

So the weather in Santa Barbara this week...  kind of sucked.

There really is nothing better than a cup of hot cocoa or coffee on a cold, windy day but since I like to bake... instead of making a warm drink.. we decided to make cupcakes! (obviously) I had seen this mocha cupcake recipe a while ago and we decided to try it out!
It called for fresh brewed coffee which I was hoping would make the cupcakes extra mocha-ey, but they didn't turn out with too strong of a coffee flavor, which I think most people ended up liking. The batter was actually super runny and basically a liquid

which was a bit weird but it ended up making such rich cupcakes! Once again, it gave me wayy more batter than the recipe said it would, so I made some mini cupcakes too! In order to make these true caramel mocha cupcakes, we cored all of the big cupcakes and put fresh homemade caramel into them!
then we put the tops back on...

The caramel ended up being sooo good that we think we might have to try to incorporate it into another recipe sometime soon! We topped them with some whipped cream frosting and added bits of coffee bean, sugar, and chocolate to the top!
I found this grinder at Trader Joe's and have been waiting to use it on something and this was finally the chance! It was a great addition to make them a bit more mocha flavored.

We wanted to give these away because they ended up so yummy, so I put out my premade sign that signifies that they are not free to be eaten quite yet!

After we gave some away and everyone had tried them, one of my roommates Erin said that it was her favorite item that I had baked so far! Success!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Start of an Era?

So I began this blog all by myself and it was quite lonely so now that school has started, Coco is back in life and we can bake together! She makes amazing cake balls and other delicious treats, so we decided to start doing this blog together! So it won't just be me bothering you with butter and sugar loaded desserts.. For our first joint venture, we decided to use my overripe bananas that weren't doing much good sitting on the counter. After foodgawking some banana recipes (normal), she came over and brought some butter (I was awkwardly excited about the butter seeing as it's not normal how much butter I buy these days...) and cute cupcake liners! We decided to make brownie bottomed banana muffins and it all started with a bang when I almost lit the microwave on fire (who knew her butter came in foil liners?).
We lined the bottoms with the brownie batter before piling on the banana cupcake batter in the cute animal print liners!

You can sort of see the brownie bottom in this picture! We also made a cinnamon glaze to add a little extra sugar (there can never be enough). They smelled amazing and of course tasted amazing also :]

... our diet starts tomorrow. miss you larso!
recipe: howsweeteats