Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Start of an Era?

So I began this blog all by myself and it was quite lonely so now that school has started, Coco is back in life and we can bake together! She makes amazing cake balls and other delicious treats, so we decided to start doing this blog together! So it won't just be me bothering you with butter and sugar loaded desserts.. For our first joint venture, we decided to use my overripe bananas that weren't doing much good sitting on the counter. After foodgawking some banana recipes (normal), she came over and brought some butter (I was awkwardly excited about the butter seeing as it's not normal how much butter I buy these days...) and cute cupcake liners! We decided to make brownie bottomed banana muffins and it all started with a bang when I almost lit the microwave on fire (who knew her butter came in foil liners?).
We lined the bottoms with the brownie batter before piling on the banana cupcake batter in the cute animal print liners!

You can sort of see the brownie bottom in this picture! We also made a cinnamon glaze to add a little extra sugar (there can never be enough). They smelled amazing and of course tasted amazing also :]

... our diet starts tomorrow. miss you larso!
recipe: howsweeteats

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