Sunday, October 23, 2011


Halloween spirit is officially here! With my house all decorated..

 it was of course time to bake some Halloween treats to give away to friends!

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Coco went away for the weekend so I had to work alone! Brianne luckily came over and hung out with me and drove me to the store.. thanks Brianne!

I had a lot of items planned that I wouldn't have time to make before Halloween because of pesky midterms and papers so I had to make them all in one day! It was a seven hour adventure, but it was worth it!

I had found these Halloween liners at the store and thought the small ones might actually fit my mini muffin pan and they did!

So first I started with the orange velvet cupcakes! I wanted to do something orange because the liners were already black, so after adding my fair share of orange food coloring they turned out alright! I wish they were a bit more orange, but I think my point got across!
So to make them a bit more themed I made them into mummies!

As you can see on the bottom row, I tried to make some different faces, but I felt they didn't quite work with the mummies.

While those cupcakes were cooling, I made up a batch of chocolate batter to use in my mini muffin pan. For all of these cupcakes, I obviously fell back on my favorite vanilla frosting. For the chocolate muffins, I decided to make a swirled frosting!

Once again, I wish the orange was a bit more orangey, but it'll do!

Once those were done.. it was on to the cake pops! Coco is the master of cake pops, so I was sad she wasn't there to help me in my first venture. Luckily, I had Brianne to help me! So while I was cleaning up and finishing up the cupcakes, I had Brianne to crush up the Nutter Butters and mush them in with the cream cheese!

 So once they were rolled into balls, I dipped them into chocolate and I had my roommates to help me place pretzel sticks into them for the broom handle!

 After the chocolate had hardened, I piped on some green frosting (why it was green I'm not quite sure, I thought it would be fun..) to make it look like straw!

While I was baking in my kitchen, Coco was baking in her kitchen at home! Coco was of course making some balls in cute Halloween shapes!

I also was making another surprise at the same time.. but that's for a different post...

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