Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mini Pancake Muffins!

When I finally decide to buy random baking ingredients that I don't already have lying around, I really feel like I need to use every last drop. Having buttermilk sitting in my fridge was becoming bothersome, so I found a recipe that looked good and made it!
Coco and I decided to make these little chocolate chip pancake muffins for breakfast :]
They were so small and had puffy little tops and fit perfectly in this bowl
So we had this cute little bowl o' muffins! But then we dipped them straight into maple syrup so they had a glaze on top...
So they were warm, straight out of the oven, and dripping in maple syrup. Great breakfast, huh?
They were so mini that we decided that you didn't even need to have a glass of milk, but something smaller...

like a shot?

So I had a morning shot of milk and a muffin!
Great start to the day :]

recipe: bakerella

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