Friday, October 14, 2011

Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

Whenever we're bored.. the first question is always "What should we make?" Then, we decide who has the ingredients needed and we get to work! So, clearly, the other day we were quite bored and decided to make these cinnamon roll cupcakes. They were really fun to make and had a glaze and a frosting! We made the batter and then you alternate putting a dollop of batter and covering it with the cinnamon/ butter/ sugar mixture and swirling together!
you can see the whole process in this picture...

then we baked them.. and they came out all crackly and delicious with baked sugar (which is always great). It was hard not to eat them while they cooled..

and when they were finally cool enough we put a coffee glaze on top..

and finally finished them off with a cream cheese frosting!

It really did taste like a cinnamon roll, they were so good! We topped half with the coffee/ sugar/ chocolate grinder (which I really feel like would go with about anything), and half with cinnamon. Yum! (obviously, these were gone by the morning)

(obligatory balcony picture)

recipe: bakingdom

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