Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween! Rice crispy treats!

So Isla Vista's favorite holiday is fast approaching, so we decided to make a Halloween themed post to start the festivities! Coco came up with the idea for these rice crispy treats filled with cinnamon cereal, wafer cookies, and candy corn! We chopped everything up,
(ignore the menacing butcher knives..)
while we seperately melted all of the marshmallows together...
and then mushed it all together!!
We put it into the pan when it was all done and had to wait for it to cool before we could cut them up!
It was kind of difficult to wait when it looked this good...

Once we had waited long enough, we used some Halloween cookie cutters and made them into fun shapes!
In case you can't tell.. thats a pumpkin on the left, then going clockwise, its a ghost, cat, and a bat!
We melted white chocolate and milk chocolate and used dye to make them all into fun colors!
(I of course made one ginger cat instead of all black cats!)
The chocolate was just frosted on the top, so you can still see how pretty the actual crispy still is!
They turned out so cute!

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