Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Halloween Festivities!

Before Halloween, Katie decided we should do more Halloween themed baking so we had a baking extravaganza at her house! I haven't had time to post in a while because of the death that is midterms and papers, but here it is!

so yea... this happened.

we made a chocolate bark and put candy corn, pretzels, oreos, and swirls of peanut butter in it.

obviously some of it got eaten before we were done...

Katie really wanted to take an outdoor picture on the patio, but seeing as all of these lovely pictures come from my iPhone, it didn't turn out as artsy and nice as we'd tried...

But it was delicious!

While that was cooling, we made brownies!

Originally the plan was to make those little ghosts on top with marshmallows and frosting, but then we also decided to make some monsters and pumpkins!

Everything was obviously amazing and it was fun to bake with a ton of people!

I'm sad that Halloween is over but this means its time for Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS

so many themed recipes are awaiting...

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