Sunday, August 14, 2011

Caramel Cupcakes

With the rest of my buttermilk, I decided to make these caramel cupcakes. I LOVE caramel so this was sitting in my must be made folder, also. The cakes were a light vanilla buttermilk cake that was so simple and delicious.
I had to leave the cakes to be completely cool before I could put the caramel on (which was a bit more patience than I could handle).
Once they were cooled I went ahead and made the caramel! 
 sorry about these next two blurry pictures, I attempted to take a picture of me dipping the cupcakes so you can see how it worked!

 Once the caramel dried, it formed a hard shell on the cupcakes, which was very different than my normal frosting.

I thought they turned out great! I brought some along to my friend Lauren's house and gave some to her family. 

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