Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brownie Cupcakes (mini mini)

As I mentioned before, my mom and brother came to visit me. I asked my mom to bring me the mini muffin pans from home (I am slowly stealing the entire kitchen) so that I could make something mini! I decided to make a simple chocolate cake with my favorite vanilla frosting. I ended up stumbling upon this chocolate brownie cupcake and decided to give it a try. The mini muffin pans ended up being even too mini for the mini muffin liners that I bought (How many times can I say mini?). So the first batch I tried to make with just cooking spray, and it was kind of a struggle to get them out in just one piece. For the second batch, I used the liners I bought, so the cupcakes were a bit bigger.

Just for comparisons, here is a regular liner, the mini liner, and the brownie from the mini pan.

It is definitely a brownie cupcake and not a regular cupcake. The frosting is the same frosting I used when I made the cookie-bottomed cakes! I added a big dollop onto each one! yumyum

recipe: howsweeteats

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