Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rolo Stuffed Pretzel Blondie Bites

I have been on a huge chocolate and pretzel fix lately, so this recipe obviously had to be made! 

These bite size muffins? cupcakes? blondies? (not sure what to call them) were very easy and fun to make! I had a baker's assistant for this one, as Kelly came over and hung out with me while I made them!

The trick to these little bites was that first, you stuck a rolo into the batter (which was really hard not to just eat by itself...)

but then, right when they came out of the oven you put a pretzel waffle in the warm dough so that it stuck! Some of them were hard to take out of the mini muffin pan...

and they got stuck but the diva was nice enough to model it for me...

But, other than that they turned out really good! the little bit of caramel in the middle was amazing!


recipe: cookiesandcups

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